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Industrial warehouses and commercial garages can unlock significant savings by switching to an epoxy resin floor coating. This durable material is ideal for buildings with a lot of foot and automobile traffic and can drastically reduce the maintenance the floor requires. In fact, this flooring is resilient enough to withstand heavy vehicles such as forklifts and trucks. Please continue reading below to learn about why we're the best choice to install epoxy garage flooring in the Sunshine Coast.

Benefits of Garage Floor Coatings in the Sunshine Coast

No other material offers your business as many benefits as our high-quality epoxy coating. Consider several ways in which you can profit from this flooring:

  • These floors will last you decades even with heavy daily use. Our heavy-duty epoxy is perfect for workshops and industrial settings near heavy equipment. This material is also resistant to stains and oil spills so that it can withstand harsh industrial environments.

  • Choose from several different finishes, including our showroom-style metallic epoxy floor coating. This attractive, shiny coating helps you create a bright and vibrant setting for the products that you want to display to your customers.

  • Epoxy coating is completely safe for you and your staff. The odourless material doesn't release unwanted chemicals into the air, so as soon as the floor has set, you can safely begin to use it again. Our materials are also environmentally friendly, so your business can make a sustainable choice for the future.

  • Epoxy flooring is an extremely cost-effective flooring option. Unlike other materials that are more labour-intensive to install, epoxy flooring installation keeps your costs low and leaves you with a durable finished product.

Why Clean & Coat Is Your Best Choice for Epoxy Flooring in the Sunshine Coast

We specialise in seamless epoxy flooring. As this work is our primary focus, there are several compelling reasons to hire us for your flooring installation:

  • We've spent years honing our techniques and developing the best epoxy recipes. We guarantee all of our work and will fix any problems that arise during the covered time. You can anticipate that your floor will remain in excellent condition for years after the installation.

  • We're confident that you'll want to hire us when you hear our quote and review how epoxy flooring can help your business. Therefore, we offer our custom quotes without charge so that you know what it will cost to install epoxy in the Sunshine Coast before you make a decision.

  • We have years of experience working with many different customers. These customers remain pleased with our work and have continued to express their appreciation for how durable and attractive our epoxy floors are.

  • You can customise your epoxy coating by choosing one of the colour variations that we offer. Our granite flake series include arctic, ash, autumn, black, coffee, desert, grey, and shell. Speak to one of our team members to discuss other colour options for your building.

We put service first and are always happy to discuss flooring options with anyone who's interested in learning more. Epoxy flooring is the best option for businesses that want to balance cost, durability, and appearance.

Why Clean & Coat is Cost-Effective

We strive to be as competitive as possible and keep our costs low. Our installation methods are efficient and keep labour costs down so that we can save you more money. Once we've installed your new floor, it's virtually maintenance-free and an effortless to clean. You'll be amazed at how little effort it takes to keep your epoxy floor looking as good as the day we installed it. Contact us today to book your free quote and learn more about the installation process.

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