Brisbane Epoxy Flooring

An epoxy-coated floor is a great choice if you want a flooring system that will last a long time and is chemical, spill, and stain-resistant. Clean and Coat provides various protective coating services for Brisbane homes, businesses, and industries, including epoxy flooring. Our floor experts will determine the appropriate performance criteria for your flooring system based on the amount of foot traffic in a given area.

Various Applications of Brisbane Epoxy Flooring

1.) Industrial - we install epoxy floors that are easy to clean, durable, abrasion and stain-resistant, have excellent color retention, and are a highly functional, reliable surface using advanced technology. Food and beverage production, industrial plants, warehouses, and chemical processing facilities benefit from epoxy floors. They're still useful in a garage or workshop at home.

2.) Commercial - Epoxy floors, in particular, have some advantages for business owners. They help to protect the concrete substrate from wear and tear. Despite its gleaming appearance, its slip resistance outperforms that the other surfaces, lowering the risk of customers or employees falling. Our floor experts can customize epoxy floor finishes with rich, custom colors, enhancing the aesthetic value of your space.

3.) Residential - Epoxy floors are becoming a popular flooring system for homeowners making upgrades to basements, garages, patios, and driveways, despite their popularity in industrial and commercial spaces. Epoxy coatings can turn lifeless concrete surfaces into stunning works of art in a matter of seconds.

Why Should you Choose Us?

Epoxy flooring installation in Brisbane is a serious business for most commercial and industrial applications, requiring meticulous attention to detail. The performance specifications are comprehensive and complex. There are various benefits to hiring us to install your epoxy flooring, including:

  • Safety - At Clean and Coat, we don't just focus on your epoxy floor's aesthetic value; we also prioritize your safety. These surfaces are skid and slip-resistant, which helps prevent accidents.

  • Expert Advice - Our team shares its expertise to help customers select the best epoxy coating for their needs. We can identify the resin and installation method best for your application using our skills and experience.

  • Cost-Effectiveness - Epoxy flooring is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly choice that uses fewer materials than traditional tile or carpet. This long-lasting surface rarely needs to be repaired or replaced.

  • Epoxy Flooring Expertise - We place more value on meticulous planning and detailing, as well as specialist epoxy flooring installation. Our team provides clients with the assurance that their investment will last for years to come because of the professional craft we provide.

For a consultation with an experienced team to install your epoxy flooring in Brisbane, call Clean and Coat at 1800 709 809 today!