Misconceptions about Epoxy Flooring You Shoud Be Aware Of

Epoxy coatings can completely turn the surface of a standard cement floor in a commercial building, house, or other space into a hard-wearing showpiece. If you don't treat a cement surface correctly, it will stain and crack over time. Consequently, the floor becomes unsightly and can pose a safety hazard. Fortunately, thanks to epoxy services like ours, your epoxy floor will not only last for years, but it will also look fantastic!

Unfortunately, if you're like some people, you may be hesitant to choose an epoxy garage flooring or commercial epoxy flooring; this may be due to widespread myths about what the actual processes are for a concrete surface or floor and the long-term aftercare required.

Please continue reading to learn more about these myths about epoxy surfaces, as well as the truth about them.

Misconceptions About Epoxy Flooring You Should Be Aware Of

Misconception: Epoxy Must Be Reapplied Regularly

The epoxy coating does not need to be reapplied constantly, whether you want to install commercial epoxy flooring or use it in your garage at home. A professionally installed epoxy coating can last up to ten years when applied to your floor. The surface will become resistant to heavy equipment, car traffic, foot traffic, and even suitable for aeroplanes because of its strength and hard-wearing abilities. It could even last a lifetime if the proper care is given to the epoxy coated surface.

Misconception: Epoxy Surfaces Are Slippery

Epoxy is much less slippery and skid-resistant than other smooth regular floor surfaces. In fact, there are several slip-resistant options available to install as an epoxy floor coating. As a result, epoxy is an excellent choice for doctor's offices, hospitals, and several industrial buildings that pose a risk of slip and fall to those that use them.

Misconception: Epoxy coatings are too Expensive

Epoxy coatings are an investment, but it is a long-term and cost-effective one. When you compare the epoxy coating to other flooring options that need costly repairs and maintenance, you'll see that investing in an epoxy floor coating is a wise decision. This is due to the surface's ease of maintenance and high durability quality. Choosing a less expensive flooring option may result in higher repair and maintenance costs long-term.

Misconception: Paint is the same as epoxy

While the epoxy coating looks a lot like paint once applied, the two are very different. In comparison, painted concrete floors will not be resistant to abrasion and staining as much as an epoxy coated floor. As epoxy bonds with the concrete to form a non-volatile and resistant surface, which is hard-wearing and looks great. Of course, this is all relevant to having your surface installed professionally with quality materials.