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Various commercial and retail environments, such as warehouses, clinics, hospitals, and food-processing plants, need a durable and hygienic flooring solution, and for such purposes, a commercial epoxy floor system is the answer. There are many benefits to this type of application; however, you also need to be aware of some essential tips to ensure you have a top-quality finish that will last for years.

Tips Regarding Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy coatings can enhance the durability of industrial concrete floor coatings. Such surfaces often have to support forklifts and other heavy vehicle traffic. An epoxy floor coating is both affordable and hardwearing. Once the coating has been applied, you will want to maintain its appearance. Here are some tips to make it last for many years.

  • You should sweep the floor daily with a soft broom to remove the dirt build-up, which could damage the floor.

  • After you have swept the floor, wash it. Wash the floor with hot water, to which you add ammonia. Do not use soap or acid-based cleaners. This includes citrus cleaners, which will damage the floor and dull its shine. A warning: when the floor is wet, it can be slippery, therefore do not neglect to erect signs when washing the floor. Also, don't use metal scrubbers such as steel wool: this will scratch the surface of the epoxy.

  • An epoxy coating is stain resistant, which makes it ideal for an industrial floor. However, you still need to clean up a spill as soon as possible. Leaving a spill for prolonged periods can result in degradation of the quality of the floor.

Benefits of using Clean & Coat Regarding Epoxy Flooring

Our company has been in business for seven years. We focus not only on industrial concrete floor coatings: we also surpass ourselves in residential epoxy flooring. The application of the epoxy coating is ideal for high-traffic areas. It is a quick way to upgrade your space when having to redo your concrete floor. More so, the product has been developed using European technology that not only provides a long product life but is not harmful to your health. The product is non-toxic, solvent-free, and with a low odour.

  • You can add colour to the space, using the colours of your brand. You are not limited to a range of colours - you can also add patterns. The application will be seamless. We have a wide selection of granite looks that will enhance the appearance of your garage, especially useful if you want to sell your property, or if you want a garage flooring solution for a new build. Not only will the colour assist in lightening your space - our product has a super shine.

  • If the space is likely to get wet, it's best to ask for a slip-resistant additive. This product will make the area safer, and it is useful in residential epoxy flooring applications, such as bathrooms.

  • You are not limited to applying this coating to floors - you can also use it on your walls for a durable, moisture-resistant, and easy-to-clean space. This would complement your industrial epoxy floor, creating a practical working space.

If you are looking for a durable, stain-resistant flooring solution for commercial or domestic purposes, you would be wise to consider epoxy coating. Our coating will enhance your space, even levelling an uneven cement floor. This product is extremely versatile, comprising many design options and applications. Our product can protect your current cement flooring.Contact us to enhance your industrial or residential space with an epoxy coating floor.

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