Eliminate Regular Maintenance with Epoxy Garage Flooring in Brisbane

Both in residential and commercial settings, it's essential to have safe garage flooring in Brisbane. Every day, cars weigh down on garage floors and cause cumulative wear and tear that eventually cause cracks and other damage in traditional flooring materials. read more

Our Company Excels in Providing an Epoxy Coating for Your Flooring Needs

Have you considered epoxy coating for your floor? You may be seeking a unique flooring solution, or one that can maintain your current flooring. read more

Let Clean & Coat Apply Your Epoxy Flooring in the Gold Coast

Are you thinking about installing epoxy flooring in your Gold Coast garage? Turn to the experienced team at Clean & Coat to apply epoxy to the surface of your floor professionally and efficiently. read more

Beautiful and practical Epoxy Flooring in Brisbane

Choose from our range of epoxy flooring in Brisbane when you need a new floor for almost any area. Let us show you why your garage or factory floor doesn't have to look like a typical one - give it the attention it deserves - be as proud of the floor as the business that you run on it. read more

Our Seamless Epoxy Floor Installation Makes All the Difference

For the past seven years, working from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast, we have built a reputation that our clients will endorse. read more

Work with Clean & Coat for Epoxy Resin Application in Brisbane

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A Commercial Epoxy Floor System is Tops for any Commercial Site

Various commercial and retail environments, such as warehouses, clinics, hospitals, and food-processing plants, need a durable and hygienic flooring solution, and for such purposes, a commercial epoxy floor system is the answer. read more

Make the Switch to a Resilient Epoxy Resin Floor and Save Money

Industrial warehouses and commercial garages can unlock significant savings by switching to an epoxy resin floor coating. read more